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Table of Contents

Connection Charges  Excess Water Consumption Rates
Sewer Service Charges  Fire Protection Fees
Water Service Charges  Irrigation Charges 
 Connection Fee Installment Plan Miscellaneous
Senior Citizen Charges  


Connection Charges:


$900.00 each DCU (Domestic Consumer Unit) as listed under Schedule 1 in Section 21 of the Rules and Regulations.  An EDCU (Equivalent Domestic Consumer Unit) must also be purchased from the Gloucester County Utilities Authority (GCUA) to match each DCU purchased from the MTMUA; an EDCU is $2,539.00 each.


$1,600.00 each DCU (Domestic Consumer Unit) as listed under Schedule 4 in Section 21 of the Rules and Regulations.

Sewer Service Charges:

Sewer connections shall be charged at an annual rate of $368.00 per Domestic Consumer Unit payable at three months intervals ($92.00 per quarter).
o Senior Citizen/Permanently & Totally Disabled Persons shall be charged at an annual rate of  $228.00 per Domestic Consumer Unit payable at three month intervals.  ($57.00 per DCU per quarter)
Sewer connections shall be charged at an annual rate of $368.00 per Domestic Consumer Unit payable at three months intervals ($92.00 per quarter).

Water Service Charges:

Size of Meter Minimum Charge per Quarter Consumption Allowance per quarter
5/8 or 5/8" x 3/4" $45.00 8,000
3/4" $58.91 11,000
1" $90.79 16,000
1-1/2" $169.35 36,000
2" $263.97 57,000
3" $514.36 139,000
4" $765.87 246,000
6" $2,281.35 882,000
8" $4,050.00 1,544,000
Each additional consumer unit serviced through the same Standard Residential meter shall be charged $45.00 per quarter above the minimum charge.
oSenior Citizens
With a Standard Residential meter will be charged a Minimum Charge of $23.00 per quarter for 8,000 gallon consumption allowance.
The excess rate for the Senior Citizen with a Standard Residential meter would be the same as the Residential Customer with a Standard Meter.


Sewer Rates for Senior Citizen, Permanently & Totally Disabled People

Senior Citizen, Permanently & Totally Disabled Person Discount Requirements:

An application must be completed and submitted to the MTMUA Office.  

If the applicant is already approved for the New Jersey Real Property Tax Deduction, the discount will automatically be granted.

The applicant cannot have a total annual income exceeding $10,000 after exclusions are applied.  After being reviewed, a letter will be sent regarding approval or denial. 

Please see application form below for further details.




Excess Water Consumption Rates

oAn excess rate shall be charged for quarterly consumption exceeding the quantity consumption allowance at the following rates:
Rate per 1,000 Gallons From To
$4.30 8,000 18,000
$4.90 18,000 38,000
$5.85 38,000 58,000
$6.75 58,000 110,000
$7.70 110,000 and over
oRegistration Conclusive
The quantity recorded by the meter shall be conclusive on both the customer and the Authority, except when the meter has been found to be inaccurate or has ceased to register. In such cases, the quantity may be determined by the average registration of the meter when in proper working condition.

Irrigation Charges

Connection Fees:       $1,600.00 per unit

Size of Service Units
1" or less 1
1" to 3" 2
4" to 6" 3
8" to 10" 4
12" and over 6

Consumption Charges:

Rate per 1,000 Gallons From To
$4.30 1 16,000
$4.90 16,000 36,000
$5.85 36,000 56,000
$6.75 56,000 106,000
$7.70 106,000 150,000
$8.60 150,000 500,000
$9.50 500,000 1,000,000
$10.45 1,000,000 and over
oBilling for Irrigation:

Meters shall be in a pit as per Section 8.10.4 and will be read two (2) times per year. Bills will be rendered two (2) times per year.


Fire Protection Fees

Connection Fee = $1,600.00  - 1Unit (Any Size)

Type of Service

Annual Charge

3" Sprinkler Line

$ 412.00

4" Sprinkler Line

$ 735.00

6" Sprinkler Line

$ 1,650.00

8" Sprinkler Line

$ 2,950.00

10" Sprinkler Line

$ 4,590.00

12" Sprinkler Line

$ 6,620.00

Private Fire Hydrant (each)

$ 64.00

There is a $20.00 Application Fee if not part of a Project.

Connection Fee Installment Plan

oWater & Sewer
Instances where owners of existing residential properties, upon receipt of written notice from the Authority, are obligated to connect to the Authority's water and/or sewer systems, the owner may elect to defer the payment of the Water Connection Fee and/or the Sewer
If so notified in writing of the owner's election, the Authority will bill the connection fees thus deferred, with no interest, on a monthly basis for Sixty (60) consecutive months. The monthly payment shall be an amount that is equal to one Sixtieth (1/60) of the deferred connection fee.
If funds are available, the Authority may, when it deems appropriate, purchase limited blocks of sewer connections fees from the Gloucester County Utilities Authority for re-sale to owners of existing residential properties. In such a case, the owner may elect to defer the payment of the County Sewer Connection Fee over a period of the same sixty (60) months from the due date, without interest, in sixty (60) equal monthly installments.
Any monthly bill unpaid after thirty (30) days of presentation shall be classified as delinquent. Any monthly bill unpaid after ninety (90) days shall subject the account to discontinuance of the Installment Plan and the remaining outstanding balance of the Connection Fee shall become due and payable in full, after not less than five (5) days written notice.
If a bill is not paid within thirty (30) days of the date of billing, the interest rate per month shall be the maximum amount allowed by statute.

oMeter Service:

bulletService charge for repair to tampered meter

- $20.00 first offense

                   - $50.00 each subsequent offense

bulletTest of meter at the customer's request

- $20.00 for meters having an outlet not exceeding 1 inch

                   - $120.00 per inch for other water service meters larger than 1 inch in diameter


oSprinkling Systems:

- $20.00 Inspection Fee

                    - $50.00 Deposit (See Section 8.9.2)



bulletWater for building purposes shall be metered and charged $2.80 per 1,000 gallons.


oTurn On/Off Fee:

bulletat Customer's Request - $  25.00 during Authority Business Hours
bulletat Customer's Request - $150.00 after Authority Business Hours


oDelinquent Fees:

bulletTurn-on fee following shut-off for delinquency:        $50.00
bulletBad Check Charge for checks issued at time of shut-off and said check returned by bank - $25.00.

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