Mantua Twp. MUA     401 Main St.  Mantua  NJ  08051   

Phone: 856-468-1111    Fax: 856-464-0034


Water:  $23.00 per quarter, per unit   8,000 gallon allowance

Sewer:  $57.00 per quarter, per unit ($228.00 per year, per unit)


New Applicants:

Senior Citizen, Permanently & Totally Disabled Person Discount Requirements:

Residents of Mantua Township, 65 Years of Age or more, or less than 65 years but permanently and totally disabled.

 Printable  APPLICATION FORM  (PDF Format)

An application must be completed at the MTMUA Office.  

If the applicant is already approved at the Tax Assessor's Office the discount will automatically be deducted.

If the applicant has a PAAD Card the discount is automatically approved.  A Photo Copy of the card is required.

If the applicant has total income less than $10,000 excluding Social Security the application will be reviewed.  A letter will be sent regarding approval or denial.


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