How Much Water

How much Water do you use?

Non Conserving Conserving Activities
Shower (5 Minutes) Regular Showerhead
30 Gallons
Low Flow shower head/ restrictor
15 Gallons
Wet-down, rinse off
4 Gallons
Toilet Flushing Conventional Toilet
5 - 7 Gallons per flush
Ultra-Low Flush Toilet
1.6 Gallons
Displacement Bag
4 - 6 Gallons
Brushing Teeth Tap Running
10 Gallons
Wet Brush, rinse briefly
Half Gallon or Less
Tub Bath Full
20 Gallons
Minimal Water Level
20 Gallons or Less
Shaving Tap Running
20 Gallons
Fill Basin
1 Gallon
Washing Hands Tap Running
20 Gallons
Soap and Rinse
1 Gallon or Less
Dishwashing Tap Running
30 Gallons
Wash and Rinse in Dishpan or Sink
5 Gallons
Automatic Dishwasher Full Cycle
15 Gallons
Short Cycle
11 Gallons
Washing Machine Full Cycle
Top Water Level
40 Gallons
New "Tumble - Action" Efficient
Clothes Washer
25 Gallons